Benefits of Guest posting that are worth the efforts

benefits of guest posting

Guest posting according to me is like you're a newbie and you get to act with a superstar. If you're good, you get fame, money and respect, if not, things don't really change. LOL, that's what guest posting is. You simply think of a good post idea, draft a post which is good, informative, SEO optimized and share it on the guest blogging website. If the website admin likes your post, he/she would share it and in return you would get more fame, traffic


Earning money online through Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways of making money online through one's blog or website. Affiliate marketing is nothing but getting rewarded through commissions for promoting or selling products for someone else. Yes, that's what affiliate marketing is.

In simple terms, an affiliate marketer is like an online property dealer. A property dealer get's a commission when he sells his client's property. In a similar way millions of paid


How to Advertise your website for free and get free traffic and back links


Making a website isn't the only thing that would help you reach more and more people. A number of techniques need to be used in order to rank your website on search engine results. This can be achieved by the things mentioned in this post.Like: A press release in terms of Websites is the official announcement of your website being live. It is similar to launching a new cell phone in the market via news reports, advertisements etc. Press Releases


How to write a SUPERB Press Release?


How to write a SUPERB Press Release?

We know that Press Releases are made to fetch a higher rank in search results, but a number of precautions should be taken while doing the same, so as to avoid problems for your website.

Low Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is using keywords repeatedly which results in a negative reader experience. Too much keyword stuffing can make your Press Release look too irritating and irrelevant.
Example: If


Learn the basics of Internet Marketing

What is Online marketing?

Learn the basics of Internet Marketing

Online/Digital/Internet Marketing is marketing/advertising a product, concept or kind on  different platforms available in the exorbitant world of internet. Yes, that's what online marketing is in simple lay man language. It is also referred as 'e-marketing'. Sending E-Mails, Advertising, using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter come under e-marketing. The most widely used methods of online