How to implement On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

on page seo

This post is meant for users who wish to optimize their websites or web pages for search engines. I assume that you're acquainted with the search engine basics and SEO basic concepts. The very first step of search engine optimization includes on-page optimization. On page SEO is the most simplest and productive part of SEO. By doing on-page SEO, one optimizes his site for search engines. It is nothing but defining your website attributes completely.


Learn the basics of Internet Marketing

What is Online marketing?

Learn the basics of Internet Marketing

Online/Digital/Internet Marketing is marketing/advertising a product, concept or kind on  different platforms available in the exorbitant world of internet. Yes, that's what online marketing is in simple lay man language. It is also referred as 'e-marketing'. Sending E-Mails, Advertising, using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter come under e-marketing. The most widely used methods of online