How to Off Page SEO Search Engine Optimization

off page seo

This post if meant for everyone who wishes to optimize his website/blog/web page off-page. Off-page optimization is the most simplest part of SEO and can be done by any one. It involves a number of basic steps that are time consuming, but very effective and naive. By optimizing your website off-page, you make your presence felt on the internet. If optimizing your website on-page is defining yourself, off-page is opening out to the world of internet


Learn the basics of Internet Marketing

What is Online marketing?

Learn the basics of Internet Marketing

Online/Digital/Internet Marketing is marketing/advertising a product, concept or kind on  different platforms available in the exorbitant world of internet. Yes, that's what online marketing is in simple lay man language. It is also referred as 'e-marketing'. Sending E-Mails, Advertising, using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter come under e-marketing. The most widely used methods of online