How to make a website using HTML, PHP Or any other language

how to make a website

This post is meant for everyone who wants to make a website, with no prior knowledge of coding. Most of the people think that making websites is rocket science. Now this is my answer to them: 'Stop exaggerating! It's too simple.'' So how to begin with it?
What are the ingredients?

Basic HTML knowledge

By basic HTML knowledge I mean basic knowledge about HTML tags. All the coding is done on text editors with Notepad being the most common


How to edit your WordPress appearance?

wordpress appearance editor

WordPress Appearance Editor

I assume that your blog is completely set up. If not, please check How To Make A Blog For Free. Next go on to the Appearance Section on your Blog Admin.

The WordPress blog appearance can be edited by working on the following:


This is the first step to begin customizing your website. Select a suitable theme for your blog. Select something apt and making sense to you as your blog theme. Don't choose