How to optimize WordPress for search engines (WordPress SEO)


In the last post we discussed about the basics of on-page search engine optimization that every online marketer must know. As mentioned earlier, those points apply for website, no matter what coding language is used. In this post, we'll discuss about the search engine optimization of a WordPress blog. Optimizing a WordPress blog/site is very simple. WordPress offers a large number of SEO Plugins and mind it, they are really good and they actually


List of BEST HIGH PR Blogs to comment on for SEO and Back Links Creation

List of HIGH PR BEST Blogs to comment on for SEO and Back Links Creation

We discussed about the significance and importance of back link creation in the last post. Blog Commenting not only helps you create back links if the comments are posted on a do follow blog, they also help you get more traffic. When I started blogging I had to solely rely on commenting on other blogs. If you wish to get traffic on your website, YouTube Video, Facebook Page or anything else, you must make blog commenting a habit. By blog commenting


How to Off Page SEO Search Engine Optimization

off page seo

This post if meant for everyone who wishes to optimize his website/blog/web page off-page. Off-page optimization is the most simplest part of SEO and can be done by any one. It involves a number of basic steps that are time consuming, but very effective and naive. By optimizing your website off-page, you make your presence felt on the internet. If optimizing your website on-page is defining yourself, off-page is opening out to the world of internet


How to implement On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

on page seo

This post is meant for users who wish to optimize their websites or web pages for search engines. I assume that you're acquainted with the search engine basics and SEO basic concepts. The very first step of search engine optimization includes on-page optimization. On page SEO is the most simplest and productive part of SEO. By doing on-page SEO, one optimizes his site for search engines. It is nothing but defining your website attributes completely.


Learning and Implementing the SEO Basics

Seo basics

Having shared the search engine basics with you, let's understand some basic SEO concepts that every search engine optimizer(SEOzer) should be aware of. These concepts would not directly help you in SEO, but their knowledge is very important for every SEOzer.
Learning and Implementing the SEO Basics

 Search Engines and their operations
This concept covers the search engine operation procedures. How do search engines rank websites, how do they


Understanding Google Search Results

understanding google search


Before moving on to the productive part of ranking higher in Google Search Results, you must know how does the world's biggest search engine works and ranks websites. It's always important to start with the basics. So, if you want to Search Engine optimize your website, you must know the basics, the 'HOW'.
Understanding Google Search Results
Google Algorithm

Google uses a predefined set of code to crawl different websites and store