How to implement On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

on page seo

This post is meant for users who wish to optimize their websites or web pages for search engines. I assume that you're acquainted with the search engine basics and SEO basic concepts. The very first step of search engine optimization includes on-page optimization. On page SEO is the most simplest and productive part of SEO. By doing on-page SEO, one optimizes his site for search engines. It is nothing but defining your website attributes completely.


Learning and Implementing the SEO Basics

Seo basics

Having shared the search engine basics with you, let's understand some basic SEO concepts that every search engine optimizer(SEOzer) should be aware of. These concepts would not directly help you in SEO, but their knowledge is very important for every SEOzer.
Learning and Implementing the SEO Basics

 Search Engines and their operations
This concept covers the search engine operation procedures. How do search engines rank websites, how do they