Top 10 Pinging Sites to rank on Search Engines FASTER

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Top 10 Pinging Sites to rank on Search Engines FASTER
Top 10 Pinging Sites

By pinging websites you blare at them and say: “Hey! I just launched a new website, check it out!” OR “Hey! I just added new content on my website, check it out!” By pinging websites, we notify them about our website updates and expect the Google crawler to crawl through our website. It helps us ranking higher in Search Results. All the sites mentioned below are awesome and required no time to ping. These platforms ping a number of websites about your new website, blog and posts. It is highly recommended to use the platforms mentioned below after adding new content to your website.

You can simply wait for search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo to crawl your website. The wait can last for days, months or even years in some cases. So, if you wish to notify search engines about a new addition to your blog or website, or if you launched a new website and you want the search engines to know about it, pinging is what you need to do. Pinging other techniques ensures more traffic and a better ranking in search results too.

The top 10 pinging sites and services have been compiled below:
Top 10 Pinging Sites Ping-O-Matic : Ping-o-matic gets the first spot in the count down among the top 10 pinging sites. It is one of the most highly used pinging services used on the internet. Although ping-o-matic has a less number of websites to ping in it’s database, the websites the trustworthy and optimum. Ping-o-matic includes some special services as well.

Top 10 Pinging Sites Google Ping : This pinging service is owned by Google. So, for 100% Google worshippers, Google Ping is pinging service you may fall in love with. It notifies all major Google Services about your blog or site. Google Ping pings to over 50+ Google Services like Gheto, Yandex and Google.us Blog Search.

Top 10 Pinging Sites BlogPingTool : BlogPingTool updates seach engines about new additions to your blog. Higly recommended for blog authors.

Top 10 Pinging Sites Pingler: Pingler is one of the oldest pinging services. It is equivalent to the above services. Pingler has a good number of connected services and RSS directories. Pingler lets you specify the category in which you wish to ping . Multiple categories can be selected at once as well.

Top 10 Pinging Sites PingFarm : One good service to ping your blog or website.

Top 10 Pinging Sites Pingoat : Pingoat notifies most of the major services online that keep track of blogs and websites.

Number-7-icon Pingates : Pingates pings your site to 45+ Search Engines.

Number-8-icon Feed Shark- Feed Shark can be used to ping services that use blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds. It has a turbo mode which speeds up the pinging process.

Number-9-icon IM.org Backlink Supercharger: It is used to create large number of back links to your website or blog.

Number-1-iconNumber-0-icon Ping That Blog: Last but not the least in the count down, it allows you to specify the local languages of the services to ping on.


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